Basement Guest Room

Posted By: Rockwell Categories: Interior Design, Window Wells

If you’re anything like our family, you noticed over the holidays that the basement guest room could use some renovating. The center of the mattress is sagging, the bathroom down there needs some cleaning, and the window wells look so bad that you’d rather the curtains stay closed. Here are some tips to improve the basement guest room before you have guests over again.

  • Flip the mattress

This is something that is supposed to get done once a year (oops!) but it’s so easy to forget about the guest room mattress in the basement.

  • Refill and restock

It’s time to refill and restock the guest bathroom in the basement. Change the trash, put more toilet paper rolls down there, swap out the towels for clean ones, and refill the soap dispenser.

  • Open those curtains

Let in natural light and brighten the place up a bit. This may mean cleaning out the wet leaves from the window well (if you don’t have a window well cover). If your window well is an awful metal one that makes the place look like a dungeon, then it may be time to upgrade to an attractive window well.

  • Expand the room

If your basement bedroom is a bit cramped just make it look bigger! Add some visuals to create visual space if creating physical space isn’t an option. You can do this by using vertical stripes, chevron patterns, or mirrors.

table and mirror in white room
gray couch
wooden nightstand with flowers