Basement Guest Room

Posted By: Rockwell
If you’re anything like our family, you noticed over the holidays that the basement guest room could use some renovating. The center of the mattress is sagging, the bathroom down there needs some cleaning, and [...]

Window Well Ideas

Posted By: Rockwell
Basement window wells are a necessity if you want to let a little natural light in. The biggest problem is that the typical metal window well gives the feel of a dungeon to the basement. [...]

Creating a Window Well Garden

Posted By: Rockwell
I have been obsessed with succulents lately and they are taking over my apartment! They are in pots by the window, they are in tea cups in the kitchen, and they are in fairy gardens [...]

How To Do Just About Anything…

Posted By: Rockwell

Over the past year we’ve talked about how to do just about anything. Here are a few topics you can use as a resource if you sense some basement woes coming on or feel like […]

Basement – Before and After

Posted By: Jessica Garrett

As someone interested in interior design, I love nothing more than witnessing real transformation of space. It’s amazing how re-purposing, remodeling, adding an egress window well, or just bringing in a fresh set of eyes […]