How To Do Just About Anything…

Posted By: Rockwell

Over the past year we’ve talked about how to do just about anything. Here are a few topics you can use as a resource if you sense some basement woes coming on or feel like […]

Adding Texture to Interior Walls

Posted By: Jessica Garrett

This post is the fourth and final article in the series on incorporating texture into the interior design plans for your basement. Here, we will explore a variety of ways to convert dull, uninteresting basement […]

Using Stone to Add Texture

Posted By: Jessica Garrett

If your basement seems a bit dull, take a look at the ways you can liven the place up by creating texture and adding stone. Natural stone absorbs sound and provides a unique look wherever […]

Using Carpet to Add Texture

Posted By: Jessica Garrett

There are multiple ways to incorporate texture into your basement design. One unexpected way of doing this is by adding carpet. The many choices available today allow you to select textures to fit any room […]