Creating a Window Well Garden

Posted By: Rockwell Categories: Interior Design, Landscaping, Remodeling, Seasonal Tips, Window Wells

I have been obsessed with succulents lately and they are taking over my apartment! They are in pots by the window, they are in tea cups in the kitchen, and they are in fairy gardens on the porch. I’ve started looking for other places to put them and I realized that I haven’t even touched the basement window wells! I decided to start little succulent gardens down there and I’ve added flowers too! Having a garden with some color sure does brighten up the window! It turns out, having a garden in the window well isn’t just great for the appearance of the basement, but it saves the plants from deer too!

Whether your window wells are on the east, west, north or south side of your house you’re going to have partial shade. Here are some succulents that do well in partial shade: Haworthia, Sansevieria, Trifasciata, and Crassula Ovata.

I also wanted to add some greenery and flowers. My favorite partial shade annuals are viola, coleus, begonias, polka-dot plant, perilla, and fuchsia! These little plants will thrive in your window wells. If you want to make those window wells look even better you should consider these egress window wells. The steps make gardening easier and these covers can protect your younger plants from harsh rain storms.