Increasing Resale Value Part II

Posted By: Jessica Garrett Categories: Floor Plans, Interior Design, Window Wells

Part I of this series on increasing resale value of your home focused on the importance of ensuring that your basement complies with local regulations. It also mentioned that comfort, ease of access, and good lighting make your basement more attractive to buyers. Now, let’s talk in a bit more detail about how you can add resale value to your home by making a few easy improvements to your basement!

Tip #1 – Improve Air Quality

Look closely at whether the basement air stays clean at all times of the year. If the air sometimes is too moist, add a dehumidifier. An air purifier unit may also be useful.

RockWell Window Well in a Bedroom

One of the best ways to improve the air quality is to install windows that open to let fresh air in and stale air out. Basement egress windows – which have openings large enough that a person can exit the basement in case of emergency – make it easy to ventilate the basement and can be quite attractive. Egress window wells hold back the earth and provide space for light to pass through the glass or open window into the basement’s interior. Adding a basement egress window well can vastly improve the air quality and lighting throughout any basement.

Tip #2 – Add a Bedroom or Bathroom

The two basement designs most in demand include a fully finished bedroom and a bathroom with a sink and shower. A bathtub is an added bonus. Both the bedroom and bathroom need to be built in compliance with government regulations. Each basement bedroom must have an exit to the outdoors, whether through an exterior door or an egress window well. Check with local authorities for other specifications.

Sometimes, little things make a big difference. Look at each light fixture. Are there any bulbs that need replacing? Are all lamp covers clean and insect-free? A bit of cleaning combined with new bulbs can brighten the entire basement.

Bathroom connected to a Bedroom

If your basement already has a bathroom, check for signs of mold or mildew. Spot-treat to kill and remove any spores you find. Then check the condition of the faucets. Do they drip constantly? If so, do whatever it takes to have faucets that shut off properly. This may be as simple as replacing a washer, or it may require installing a new faucet. If the sink looks old and dirty or has cracks, you might want to replace it. The same goes for the toilet and shower or tub. How far you go in improving the bathroom and remodeling the basement depends on your preferences and your budget. Just make sure that whatever you do is done well.

Word of the Wise

Remember, no renovation is better than shoddy renovation – homebuyers look for quality. If you have a limited budget and are unskilled in construction, look for little ways to improve the appearance and quality of what you already have. However, do not opt to hide structural problems rather than fixing them; you could be liable for damages.

Also remember that whatever money you put into quality renovations in your basement will be given back to you (plus some!) in the increase of resale value of your home. So go for it! What’s stopping you? Get on the road to making your basement beautiful (and safe!) – your family will thank you now, and your pocketbook will thank you later.