Installing RockWell is as easy as “Ready. Set. Done.”

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There’s a reason why builders love RockWell. Learn how installing our window wells saves you money by reducing installation time with an easy, lightning-fast process. Get the window wells up, and get on with your work. As a builder, your time is money. Every decision you make affects the success of each project and your business as a whole. When you choose RockWell, you reap the benefits for both yourself and for your clients. Ditch the clunky, ugly window wells of the past and invest in light, quick-install Rockwell products that last a lifetime.Let’s start at the very beginningBecause RockWell window wells are so lightweight, installation is a breeze—and because they’re built to last, you don’t have to worry about damage during delivery, around the job site or installation. You begin by marking the location of the top right mount directly on the foundation wall. Once you’ve drilled a hole, it’s as easy as placing a concrete wedge anchor, setting the window well and securing it with a washer and nut.Aaaaaaand repeatAfter you’ve got the window well placed and secured with that first nut, the process gets even easier. Ensure that the window well is sitting level and repeat the first step for the top left hole. Once you’ve got that drilled and set, the rest of the holes can be drilled and fastened with ease—then all that needs doing is a little washer and nut tightening.Drum roll, please


That’s it! There’s no need for backfilling with gravel to ensure stability. Simply backfill the products with your excavated dirt—and you’re done. Your client now has a beautiful, durable window well, and you can move on to other projects. The average installation time for RockWell products is about 20 to 30 minutes. With such a quick process, you can easily complete a full basement in only one to two hours.But wait—there’s more!The value of RockWell window wells doesn’t stop with installation. When you install one of our natural-textured egress window wells, you can take pride knowing that you’ve provided your clients with a safe place to exit their basement in case of an emergency. Ensure that every home you build takes quality and safety to the next level.A recommendation worth your timeDedicate your valuable time to other projects with window wells that do most of the work for you. Recommend RockWell to your clients, and save money with products that take a fraction of the time to install and last lifetimes longer.