7 Essential Measures to Keep Your Basement Safe against Intruders

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Our Basement Living Blog is happy to publish this guest post, courtesy of Rachel Heagney. She has written a post outlining how to keep your basement safe against intruders, even with basement window wells. Let us know what you think of her ideas.Apart from exterior doors, basement windows rank high on the list of likely entry points for burglars. Accordingly, proper home security should include looking after your basement. Keep unwelcome intruders out by adhering to the following basement security basics: 1. Keep your windows prominentVisible windows can dramatically decrease the likelihood of break-ins. While well-maintained shrubs and plants add to your home’s visual appeal, this type of landscaping has a security drawback. Shrubs and plants placed close to the basement windows can perfectly conceal intruders who want to break-in your home undetected. With this in mind, you should also trim plants and shrubs so they cannot serve as hiding places for burglars. One way that is sure to keep your basement windows prominent is by adding an egress window well. As well as making your windows more prominent, egress windows also help to improve the appearance of your home.
Bars on Basement Windows

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2. Install security barsIn addition to ensuring your basement windows are visible at all times, invest in security bars. Different styles and colors can be found, so choose a system that works for you. Remember, you may need to use the window as an exit at some point in the future. Install the security bars in such a way that safe exit is not compromised should an emergency occur. Rockwell has bars to go over basement window wells for this reason.3. Choose shatterproof glassWhen installing a glass window in your basement, opt for one that is made of heavy, solid material; glass blocks would be ideal. In addition to their unmistakable aesthetic appeal, glass blocks add an extra layer of protection you can rely on.4. Provide adequate outdoor lightingMost burglars are drawn to dark homes. With that in mind, it will work to your advantage to keep your property well-lit, especially during the evenings. If you want to take your security measure up a notch, consider investing in motion lights that turn on automatically when an object across its field of view is detected.
Outdoor Lighting

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5. Attach security film to your glass windowsA layer of polyester security film that attaches to the inside of the window will keep broken glass together even after impact. Surely, this additional barrier of protection will help ensure your safety and peace of mind.6. Install locksIf you don’t have security latches or other locking mechanisms in place, install high quality locks and keys to secure your basement windows. For additional security, install audible window alarms.7. Keep your curtains closedInstalling curtains and keeping them closed is an easy and economical way to deter intruders and keep your priceless family heirlooms safe, and other valuables out of sight. Potential intruders are less interested in what they can’t see.Following these simple guidelines will keep your home safe and provide you with the peace of mind that every homeowner deserves.Author BioRachel Heagney is a coffee-and-conversation lover, an eco-advocate, and a freelance writer. Passion for environmental sustainability and writing drives her to create compelling articles for large companies in Australia. During her rest days, she hangs out with her wonderful husband and their three lovely kids either by the beach or inside their cozy living room.