Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

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With the cold weather comes beautiful snow falls, and we want your basement to be ready for it!

  • Windows are an opportunity for water to get into your home! After it rains or snows, walk around the basement and other floors of your home to look for damp spots or pools of water around your basement windows and window wells. To avoid problems, you may need to replace your window wells. For an affordable and stylish fix, you should look at Rockwell Window Wells.


  • After it snows or freezes outside, clear the snow and ice from around the foundation of your home as soon as possible. This will help prevent water leaking into the foundation and widening existing cracks or causing further damage.


  • Put a window well cover on your window wells to prevent snow from piling up inside of them and against your window. This will help keep the basement warmer and make it easier to clear out the snow and still let light in through the window.


  • Check on any pipes that may be at risk to freezing, this includes the basement bathroom plumbing! One simple fix to this is to leave the cabinet open that provides access to the pipes so that the warm air in the room can warm up the pipes.
tree with snow
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