Don’t settle when building your dream home

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Think all window wells are dark, dank and come with pre-spun cobwebs? It’s time to step into the light and explore some spectacular new window well options for your new home.

Building your dream home is all in the details—and it’s no different for your basement. It’s the little touches like gorgeous crown molding, brilliant in-ceiling lighting and custom feature walls that really transform your basement from a regular room into a stunning space.

Don’t ruin all those personal touches by installing outdated window wells that are better left in the past. Choose window wells that are as stylish as the rest of your home, and take your basement to the next level (figuratively).

Nice touch!

Bid ugly corrugated metal a long overdue farewell. RockWell window wells are specially designed to mimic the texture of real stone, giving you a luxurious look for both inside and outside your home. Check out egress window wells to mix up the design with built-in steps that are both stylish and safe. Step out of the stone age with products that look like actual stone.

Color outside the lines

A beautiful stone texture would be nothing without a beautiful color to match. Choose between a warm tan to evoke a romantic Italian style, or go with classic grey for an elegant granite-like look. And with a weather-proof material, you can be sure these colors will never be marred by unsightly rust stains. 

The cherry on top

Window wells of the past often looked like death traps—but no more. You can keep your pets and family safe while increasing your curb appeal. Whether you choose an intricate grate or a fogged polycarbonate cover, you can’t go wrong with an embellishment that adds instant class to your home.

Lighten up

There’s absolutely no beating natural light when it comes to setting a room’s atmosphere. Expansive, modern window wells are designed to let the sun in, illuminating your basement and turning in from a creepy cave to a sunny sanctuary—all done by the power of mother nature and a window well that knows how to let her shine. 

Set the trend for window well style

You’re building a brand new home—why settle for old window wells? Invest in the products that will keep your basement looking glorious for years to come. Choose Rockwell’s stunning window wells and make your basement just as beautiful as the rest of your home.