That’s Entertainment! Install a Kitchenette

Posted By: Jessica Garrett Categories: Appliances, Entertaining

Whether it’s movies and popcorn or card games and candy, entertainment and snacks go together. When guests come to visit, you and they will enjoy the convenience of a basement kitchenette. Your kitchenette can be elaborate or simple. The choice is up to you!

Basic Kitchenette

A basic kitchenette might simply make use of shelving or a countertop with drawers to hold cooking and serving utensils. A microwave, coffee maker and toaster or countertop oven add convenience. Fit a compact refrigerator underneath the shelf or to the side of the countertop.

basement kitchenette example

For a fun way to welcome your guests, display your refreshments in a countertop display refrigerator. Normally found in restaurants, these refrigerators have see-through glass doors. Choose one with a lighted area at the top for displaying graphics, and create your own “Glad You’re Here” message.

Make sure that the electrical outlets in your kitchen are properly sized. You may need to add another breaker or two and run additional wiring so that you won’t overload the power supply when all appliances are in use at the same time. Also, if you decide to install a sink in your kitchenette, every outlet near the sink must have a ground fault circuit interrupter, or “GFCI.”. A GFCI outlet is designed to prevent accidental electrocution by immediately shutting off current if the flow is not right.

The Value of Planning

basement kitchenette example

Costs of installing a kitchenette range from less than $1,000 to more than $10,000. Main considerations are establishing the power and water supply, providing adequate ventilation, and maintaining the structural integrity of your home. You can reduce costs by carefully choosing the best location for the kitchenette. If you are able to put it close to your current water and power supply lines in a location that won’t disturb structural supports and already has natural ventilation – such as a basement egress window well or an outside door with bulkhead – you will save money.

In many areas, the addition of a kitchenette requires a building permit. Check local ordinances and construction codes before you start. Also, talk with your insurance company. If you add a kitchenette to your basement without informing your insurance company, you will likely have no coverage should a fire start there, no matter how far it spreads. Regardless, you will want to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and keep fire extinguishers handy.

Benefits of Your New Kitchenette

basement kitchenette example

A basement kitchenette makes life easier. You can serve refreshments without having to continually run up and down the stairs, and your guests can help themselves without disturbing activities in the rest of your home.

Your new kitchenette will add convenience to your entertaining experience for years to come. Properly planned and constructed in accordance with local ordinances, such a kitchenette also adds resale value to your home – you can’t go wrong!