Your new basement: how to get the most out of the space.

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Jumpstart your renovation project with creative ideas on design options, color schemes and how to increase natural light in your basement. 

Imagine the possibilities

Basements have evolved far beyond just being storage spaces for holiday decorations and old camping equipment. Nowadays, smart homeowners are taking advantage of this extra room in their homes by transforming their basements into in-house offices, gyms, home theaters and much more. 

But how do you begin that transformation? Starting a basement remodeling project from scratch can feel overwhelming. You’ve got to consider lighting, decor, floor layout—and most importantly, what you want your room to be!

To help you kick off your project, we’ve broken down the must-haves for any basement renovation. Follow these guidelines as you transform your basement into the best space in your home. 

Choose your new room

Your blank canvas

Before you even consider color schemes or furniture layout, you need to figure out what you want to do with your space. If you’re not sure what you want, take a look around your home. What’s missing? Do your kids need more room to play or would a quiet home office really cut down the upstairs clutter? Use your basement to add rooms your home doesn’t have.

If you need a little inspiration, here are some popular basement room ideas:

In-home theater

If you simply must have dark colors in your new space, here’s the room to do it in. Convert your basement into an in-home movie theater with comfy, tiered seating, a ceiling-mounted projector and even a popcorn machine!

Guest apartment

If you regularly host people in your house, a guest apartment is a fantastic idea. Separate the basement into a bedroom, bathroom and kitchenette (and living room, if you’ve got the space). Keep colors neutral, cozy and welcoming. With a little extra money, you can also add a basement door to the outside to offer both you and your guests more privacy. 

Kids playroom

Give your family an additional living space to have fun in. Start with an open floor plan to make monitoring children easier and to give them more space to play. Decorate with bright splashes of color and make sure to include plenty of hidden storage spaces for easy cleanup!

A personal, all-purpose space

Turn your basement into an in-home space for out-of-home activities. File important documents from your home office, get a workout in your personal gym and relax in the jetted tub in your luxury bathroom. You can dedicate your entire basement to one of these rooms or partition it off to enjoy them all!

Begin with the basics

Let in as much light as possible

Once you’ve chosen your perfect room, it’s time to begin designing. The biggest hurdle of any basement design is how to increase natural light in the space. The best way to do this is to invest in expansive basement window wells. These installations bring natural light into your space and help your basement feel less claustrophobic—and of course, two windows are better than one because they add double the light! 

Include additional light as needed

Once you’ve got the natural light, you’re going to need extra lighting to ensure your rooms are lit from multiple angles and there are no dark corners. Vary up your light sources to keep things interesting—use everything from traditional light fixtures and table lamps to task lights and flameless candles. Remember, you should always consider where your lights will need to go before you begin decorating.

Consider your colors carefully 

While you definitely don’t have to paint your walls a boring beige, it’s a good idea to be thoughtful about your basement color choices. Lighter, brighter colors are great for basement designs because they reflect light and keep your room from looking like a cave. Go with color schemes like white with bright pops of color or a soothing monochromatic palette.   

Add the finishing touches

The little things are what really bring a basement space together and make it part of your home. Once you’ve got the major designing done, add special details like window-well decorations, glass partition doors, decorative mirrors and metallic accents to make your room feel airy, dynamic and truly complete. 
There are nearly no limits to what your basement can be. Take the first step in your home’s transformation, and let RockWell help you find the best way to include natural light in your new space.